My darling porch swing that was once my kids’ crib... 💗


Eight years ago I stood in Babies R Us with my husbands Mamaw Ducks (whom happens to be one of my very best friends 💗) and she bought this crib for my first born son, Slayton. I remember pouting while we checked out because it wasn’t in stock but I absolutely loved the simplicity of a white crib. She bought the matching dresser. A few weeks later they arrived in the mail and were perfect for our son and we loved them so much. Then we ended up having another baby 18 months later, so eventually it was all handed down to our second born son, Huxley. 

So as you can see it was a bit weathered when it was time to be built into a swing. I’ve been wanting this to be built into a swing for quite some time, and I let it sit out in the rain, sun, and snow for around three years before the transformation began. Oops. 😆


I was lucky enough to get picture updates from the builder so I’ve chosen to share them with you all. He did a LOT of sanding, a LOT of cutting, and a LOT of painting (three-four coats to be exact)! 

The progress pictures had me over the moon. Here’s the Pinterest examples I sent to him to base the build plans off of:

When he started to build it we knew stability was key and that the wood had been weathered for many years so the X-Brace that was used for the back on the swing so the boards would be promising for holding weight and supporting. 

Overall this swing is so dreamy. It’s perfect and it’s better than I ever thought it could be, or would be. From the moment I stepped onto my front porch I knew it needed a swing, and it was well worth the wait. 
Installing the swing was a breeze. The Hubs and Huxley were both super patient with me as I guided the placement. It went perfectly under one of the ceilings fans so I was so happy about that!! 

I am absolutely in love. I’m telling everyone that it’s for show only so no accidents happen.. but let’s be honest, my morning coffee sips will be had from this perfect and cozy swing. 

Thank you again to the couple from Country Roads Woodworking to listening to my ideas and building the most perfect swing out of my babes old crib. 




Want the look? I’ve provided brands and links (if applicable) to each product. Enjoy 😄


Area Rug: Target (I got the 5x7’ for under the swing) —


Green Throw Pillow — Walmart

Round Rattan Throw Pillow — Target

White Throw Pillow —

Black & Jute Throw Pillow — Lowes (last year end of season clearance find.. no link) 😕

Blanket: Deep Hollow $35


Rope: Home Depot 40ft —

Hardware: Home Depot (honestly I grabbed the biggest ones I could find with a 200lb+ weigh limit per hook; I purchased four)


End tables: Target (two of them) —


End table decor:

Water Can — Target

Greenery — Target (two of them)

Caddy — Target

Flamingo — Hobby Lobby

Faux Succulent — Dollar General $1 (two of them)

Water Spritzer — Dollar General $3

Welcome banner sign — Dollar General $3

Sweet Tea & Porch Swings Sign — Marshalls $12.99

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