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I couldn't tell y’all how many times I've picked this up over the past few weeks. I just flipped through this magazine again before writing this and it still gives me all the feels. One morning I was checking the business page inbox and found one from Nikki and it read that she was interested in stopping by my shop to take some pictures for their magazine. I was so excited and I think that I responded with so much enthusiasm that she could probably even feel it through our messages back and forth! With such a small amount of time spent talking to them about my store and about what's inspired me to get to where I am, and where I'm going with the business, it's super satisfying to know that you didn’t have to dig deep to find the love here.

That picture that they chose was just perfect. It was taken last fall and my shirt was made from my dear friend Taija, who also spent many sleepless nights with me while renovating that little ol' shop of mine into this beauty that it is today. Wife, Mom, Boss. The fact that they chose this as the picture to use has been a simple reminder that within one year of me opening up this shop every expectation I have had has been exceeded.

Visually my shop was NOT appealing when I started renting it. I have a strong and deep love for renovating ugly spaces into something warm and cozy at an affordable cost. My shop was nowhere near my taste or liking when I first got the keys. I have the ability to walk into a space and just immediately create a beautiful canvas over whatever it is that I’m looking at. An hour after I was under lease I was already painting my walls, without electricity, at 7pm, and quickly losing daylight between my giddy calls of joy to my closest friends and family telling them about the great news. I spent many days and many nights at the shop perfecting it before opening day, and I still didn’t have all of my To-Dos checked off and I’ll tell ya what, I don’t even remember what they were. When I opened up I was on a TIGHT budget and I barely had the money to add much to the space after I was done with renovations. Take a look at what I started with, and what I ended up with:

A trip to Waco in Spring 2018 was one of the best trips of my life. It was triple digit weather and I waited in line for hours right at sunrise just to eat at Magnolia Table. The second paragraph in my article reads “The Boone Magnolia gets it name from Magnolia Market, a collection of handpicked goods featured of HGTVs show Fixer Upper. It was the show’s Joanna Gaines who inspired Whited to dream big and bring new business to her home in Boone County.” When I read that line I got flashbacks of when I use to sit and doodle in my notebook about all of my ideas. It was the endless hours spent looking up to her as I myself grew into this figure-like person, with so many goals and hopes for my own self, and I felt that I was certainly inspired enough to go for it myself!! 

I have to take a moment out of this to say thank you to Boone County Development for believing in me and my plans for both my shop and my other endeavors that are coming, and for helping me make this all happen! 

I’m so happy that WV Living mentioned my sign-making, as it is what started The Boone Magnolia back in 2016. Painting prebuilt signs soon became building them from scratch, which then turned me over to small DIY projects that then turned me over to bigger builds, such as six, seven, and even eight foot dining tables plus  console and coffee tables! I was able to build them all mostly by myself with a helping hand from the hubs when we would need to flip one over for some touch-ups or something. My Honey-Do list quickly became the Honey-I-Did-It list when I learned how to work the majority of our power tools. 

I spent so many days and nights preparing for craft shows, which only lasted for a few hours for one or two days at a time, at most. THEN I started renting antique mall booths, staging them, and it was so much fun but SO much work having them in multiple locations. That's what stemed my brain into communicating with other makers like myself and this is the first step to how one face behind The Boone Magnolia turned into dozens of faces behind The Boone Magnolia Boutique.

The focus of this store was to bring people together who have passion, plans, and purpose. When you can take more than a dozen like-minded individuals, all with completely different yet correlating ideas, and put them all in one space, it then brings this feeling of joy and wholeness, I don’t even know how to explain it.... The creativity that flows here and the things that these people can come up with, along with the audience and customers who are captivated by these creations — and not to mention our customer base has since then doubled, twice!! 😬 I’m forever grateful for these people. For our customers. For WV Living. For every other magazine, radio station, or podcast that’s aired our business. I am thrilled to know that people still understand that we are also people behind these businesses.

Funny story, when I opened my shop up it sat blank above my store door for weeks and people couldn’t even find my shop because I didn’t have a shop sign.  I didn’t put up anything because I didn't have the perfect one just yet. I told Steven and April from County Roads Woodworking what I had in mind and I doodled it down to show them my idea, and then they created the most beautiful sign and it is perfect. I wanted our customers to pull into the shop parking lot and look up to see that even the smallest details to us matter here at The Boone Magnolia Boutique.

We do tend to have baked goods and a coffee bar, which was unfortunately taken out due to Covid, but we're slowly making our way back to having it all again. Bailea, owner of Junie & Pat, stocks some of the best Oreo balls, Mallow Cups, Peanut Butter Fudge and Nutter Butters (all made from scratch) and we will almost always have these in stock now. We also stock Buttercream + Royal Icing sugar cookies from The Cookie Jar. I’m currently collecting items for another self serve coffee bar for the shop, it’ll be ready in a week or so! 

This is a huge reason why I love having this store. We take our time and we’re slowly building it into everything that we want it to be. We have so many exciting things happening and coming to the shop, and even outside of it the shop itself something even more wonderful is in the works for The Boone Magnolia. I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity and for this community that has given me and my store a great first year! Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

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    I knew you could do it Lori. So proud of you. Excited to see what else you have planned. Good luck to all

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